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Daisy Farmer

Kim here.

Whew. The vegetable garden is planted. It took me the better part of the week, because before sowing my seeds, I had to remove and transplant the daisies that had taken over the garden, while I was waiting for it to be warm enough and dry enough to plant. This is pretty much an annual event. I live in a hardiness zone 3 area, where the growing season is only about 102 days long, so I resent having to take the time to move the daisies before I can plant the garden, but Midwesterner that I am, I don’t have the heart to just throw them out either. Read the rest of this entry


How to Doodle Your Way Out of Banana Thinking

Kim here . . .

I was listening to coach Matthew Ferry describe how our minds work. He said, “Listen carefully.” The he proceeded to bang three times on a wooden stool and say the word banana, while gesturing to the audience. Read the rest of this entry

Doing and Being and Osama bin Laden

Kim here . . .

All my life I have been doing. I grew up on a farm, where there was a lot of doing that needed to be done. I have always worked hard, and having been only marginally financially compensated for doing so, I must keep doing. Or so it seems. At 54, I feel less inclined to push myself mercilessly, which was my past secret to any degree of success I may have encountered. I no longer want to caffeinate and drive myself toward yet another accomplishment. I would rather learn how to shift to a different system, that of simply being. Of course, this is easier said than done. I have had a lot of practice at doing. Note even the language I put on this – easier said than DONE. Read the rest of this entry

Podcast Listening Pleasure

Melanie here…

A friend of mine was heading off to a three-week trip to Europe, armed with her Kindle.  When I asked her if she had also loaded up her iphone for the trip, she said she didn’t much listen to music.  I told her that there was a world of informative podcasts awaiting her that could keep her entertained  and educated when she wasn’t in a position to read.  She was all ears about what I would suggest and asked me to make a list of my favorite podcasts for her.  Here’s what I emailed her:

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Kim here …

Do you ever play the game, “If you could have any super-power, which one would you choose?” and then you try to figure out which superpower is THE power – the one that actually contains all of the other super powers, so by choosing that one, you’d actually be choosing them all? I used to kind of want to be that stretchy guy or maybe be invisible but after reading Ram Dass’ recent book, Be Love Now, I’m kinda thinking that LOVE might be the ultimate super power. Not romantic love, like on The Bachelor, but universal love – love that comes from something greater than us, yet is factory installed and available inside of each one of us, unless we’ve misplaced it, like Haddaway in the 1990s dance track, What Is Love? Read the rest of this entry


Kim here…

Although I am not much of a cook, there are a few things in our kitchen that I’m not sure how I would live without. One of these essentials is the salad spinner, the function of which is to take freshly washed, dripping wet salad greens and using centrifugal force, spin them dry. I am also partial to my 1970s yellow Tupperware strainer but I will extol its virtues another time. Today I want to talk about the salad spinner. It is dear to my heart, not only because it prevents soggy salads, but also because it feels familiar. Life seems to be spinning really fast lately and I was comforted by the online video, 2011: Year of Illumination, because it concurs with my version of reality. Read the rest of this entry

My Dad Will be 100 in June!

Melanie here…

My Dad, Abraham Shenkman, will be 100 on June 23rd!   My friend Anne Moore was kind enough to allow me to contribute a story about my Dad in her new magazine, Ageless Success.  This is actually an excerpt of a 50+ page book of stories I’ve written about this amazing man who lives alone in New York and is still driving!

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