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On Kindness and Losing Everything

What would you do if you lost everything?
Melanie says:
One of the great benefits of being a coach is having my clients share great resources with me.  One resource I’ve been given is Peace Talks Radio, a public radio program that is available via podcast on itunes. I was listening to this program, driving home from Madison, Wisconsin yesterday, touched by the story of Kim Rosen who lost all her money to Bernie Madoff, yet found kindness as she was broken open. 

This morning I watched her read the poem that kept her alive in spite of it all through the power of youtube video.  I’d like to share that video with you since it touched me so deeply.  I ask you and me at the same time, How would you recover if you lost everything? Kim Rosen says she was saved by a poem – this poem that she reads so eloquently.  What would save you?  What has saved you?

Enjoy the poem!



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