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Melanie Says:
Today Kim and I took a look at what we were doing  together on this blog and we decided that we are choosing to become an aggregator of all things creative, conscious, sustainable and more.  We hope to offer on this blog what Plenty of Fish is to the dating world (an aggregator of links to all the other dating sites) and the Huffington Post is to the political world. 

Quite ambitious, wouldn’t you say?  But for two women interested in everything – true Renaissance Souls, we’re hoping we can pull this off.  I’ve been yearning for a site I could go to where I could find all the good stuff.  That I wouldn’t have to piecemeal stuff together.  All the positive, uplifting, growthful stuff would be mentioned and found in this one location.  It’s high time – wouldn’t you say?

I’m imagining a future where you our dear reader and audience will be pointing stuff out to us so we can share it with everyone else.  After all – it’s important to put our attention on what grows us.


About Two Smarty Pants Creative Geniuses

We are two smarty pants, blabbermouth, seekers of wisdom out to share what we find with you. blah,blah "What I want for myself, I want for everyone." - Golden Rule Jones

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