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Kim says…
It is only the 10th day of January and I have already mucked up 2011. I’ve taken on more commitments than I can handle, so now I have to backtrack and un-commit myself to some of the things to which I said yes. Of the Seven Deadly Sins, my greatest nemesis is probably Gluttony – I want to try everything, learn everything, taste everything.

That being impossible, I am on a Cranky Horse today. In her book, The Power, Rhonda Byrne, creator of The Secret, likens bad feelings to a stable full of horses. She says there is a Cranky Horse and an Angry Horse and a Fearful Horse and many more. When you let your bad feelings run away with you, it is like climbing on a bad feeling horse and letting it run away with you. She points out it is our choice whether or not to dismount. She says it can also help us understand the bad moods of others. Knowing this, we can tolerate their behavior unless we also decide to hop on the Irritable Horse with the other person and go for a ride.

So, I need to get down off my Cranky Horse and decide what commitments I want to keep and which I’d prefer to release.

In the meantime, I can go to Jin Shin Jyutsu Healer Deb Myers’ website: Health at Your Fingertips

and click on the “Daily Clean Your House Flow” and give myself an energetic tune-up. It’s easy, it only takes a few minutes and I always feel better, emotionally and physically, after I do it.

Or I could do something nice for myself, like go to Auriela McCarthy’s website:
Aurelia McCarthy

and download and listen to her meditation on Self-Forgiveness. Then I won’t even care that I am an experience and information glutton.

And of course there’s always tapping. No, not keg tapping, which also comes up when you Google “tapping instructions.” What I’m talking about is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping on meridian points of your body. For example,
Thriving Now
This website features a free 7 question quiz entitled, “How Overwhelmed Are You?” and they’ll email your results to you. They also thoughtfully and respectfully ask potentially overwhelmed you if you’d like to be on their mailing list, without demanding that you do so in order to take their quiz.

By the way, not to be a book spoiler, but THE POWER that Byrne refers to – it’s LOVE and she makes a strong case for it. After listening to her audiobook, I’ve decided my business plan for 2011 is to stop being mean to myself. I don’t know why exactly, but it never occurred to me before that the way I treat myself is also a component in the vibration I’m sending out into the world. And clearly this means not driving, pushing, overcommitting myself and saddling up that Cranky Horse.

Off to revise my To Do List and maybe create a To Don’t List,


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