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Melanie here…
Fortunately, I’m computer rich.  I have three laptop/portable computers I use regularly, all with their special functions.  I remember years ago – not that many – how I thought my friend Martha was indulgent because she had two computers – in those days, I thought one computer was all anyone needed  But today, I have three – actually four since I’m about to retire my two year old HP PC, but I won’t count that one since I’m probably going to sell it.
My new Windows 7 PC functions as my business computer while my Mac works as my leisure computer.  A coaching client gifted me with my netbook, which I primarily use when I’m on my treadmill, streaming Netflix over the Internet as the computer rests neatly on the equipment’s book shelf. 

Over the holidays, however, I brought my netbook with me while I was traveling.  By downloading a free program or two,  (logmein and teamviewer) I’m able to access my PC at home from my netbook wherever I happen to be.

When I upgraded my PC, I purchased Office 2010 and was pleased that it included OneNote.  I hadn’t paid attention to this program until a client who is in college told me how much she enjoyed using OneNote.  That piqued my interest and had me investigate its potential.  And she was right – it’s a great program for staying organized.  It emulates a notebook, a physical one, not a computer one, serving as a virtual place to park information and keep it at your finger tips.  Evernote is somewhat similar, but to be useful you need to purchase it’s upgrade, affording you more gigabyte storage.

I think somewhere I ran across a Mac equivalent, but right now I can’t find it, even though I’m searching my tags on my delicious account.

While I was out of town, I took my netbook with me to Barnes & Noble and parked myself for hours with a stack of books.  My husband and my son were at a football game – not my idea of fun – being outdoors in the winter all afternoon in nearly subzero weather – my fun was sitting in Barnes & Noble with a stack of books.

While reading, I took notes of items of interest on my netbook.  I uploaded the notes to my account  (with 5 gigabytes of space) so I could easily access those files from my PC when I returned home.  I might have just uploaded them through using logmein and teamviewer, but my home PC was not accessible  at the time (when I returned, I saw it went into hibernation after 18 hours, a setting I changed subsequently).

When I returned, I downloaded the files I had saved and then brought them into a onenote file – like storing them in a favorite notebook, although in this case, it’s a virtual notebook.

It’s a good thing I had stored my files from that day on my account because my netbook had caught a computer virus and I had to reformat it’s hard drive with the help of the manufacturer’s tech.  Because this was my third computer, I wasn’t too concerned about what I might have wiped out, even though it wasn’t well backed up, because nothing significant was on it.  But I had remembered that these files were stored on it – but luckily they were on the account as well where I had parked them. is a storage site that I had learned about several years ago when I worked with a transcription company from India I had hired to transcribe my interviews for my book Scrappy Startups.  It’s quite a handy place to store files and make them accessible to others, although the size of the file is somewhat limited.  If I want to have someone access a large file, I upload it to which I’m finding is great for sharing large files with my clients.

Before transferring what I’m writing today to my blog, I’m writing it on a google doc (free document software available for those with a free gmail account) since I’m again out of town and wanted to store the file somewhere other than on the blog in case I accidentally wiped out the blog entry.  I had done that with one of Kim’s entries some weeks ago, so I learned this lesson the hard way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this technological romp with me and will try out some of these Web sites and programs for yourself to increase your productivity and your accessibility from anywhere.


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