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Melanie here.
My mother said that under three I used to fall asleep standing up with my eyes open so I wouldn’t  miss anything.  Quite a feat.  Wish I could do that today!  There’s so much out there in the world not to miss, especially in the virtual world.  How can I find it all and keep it straight? 

Like Kim, I’m a glutton, but in my case, it’s a glutton for information.  If I find a good Web site or some great information, I want to know where I can get more of it.  One Web site doesn’t satisfy me.  I want to know where more of that can be found.

So to satisfy my need, I’ve found a way to do that – as best as I can see.  I’m charged often to help my clients find the information they need and so it’s handy to know where you can find more of career, job search and entrepreneurial sites for example. 

One site I’ve been fond of sending people to is  It’s a search engine for jobs, set up cleanly with a “What” and “Where” box that you fill in to find jobs that are in your geographical area.  What’s nice about this site is that it pulls jobs from job boards all over the net and so a searcher can come to this one place to discover viable opportunities.  The site also has an  email alert set up for future opportunities delivered to the inbox.

Ok – so if this is so good, there must be others out there like it.
Curiosity got the better of me a while ago when searching for something in Google and I noticed that when I put an item in it’s search engine I got the words “cached” and “similar” next to the URL.  I wasn’t too sure what cached meant, but similar seemed to indicate that if I accessed that link I might find a site like the one in front of me.  So I boldly put into Google and pushed the similar link, and voila!  I had  more than half a dozen other Web sites to check – otherwise known as juju – a place to find nonprofit jobs

Just to name a few.And a week or two ago I somehow ran across another worthwhile Web site called
which searches job openings on corporate Web sites rather than on job boards.  It’s quite a handy site to know about since it eliminates the need for a seeker to look at individual company sites for job listings.Now I can’t remember how I found some other ways to find similar sites, but as we all know on the Net one thing can often lead to another.  I’ve come across some actual sites whose business it is to direct the user to sites like the ones they know, so I guess I’m not the only digital glutton out there – others are hungry for seeing what the competition is up to.

If you’re hungry too, you might take these sites for a spin: – which boasts it can help you find alternatives for any site! – has you put a word or two into its search engine – and according to their own words:

Spezify is about inspired search

  • Spezify is a search tool visually presenting results from a large number of websites.  We take web search further, away from endless lists of blue text links and towards a more intuitive experience

We mix all media types and make no difference between blogs, videos, real time
messages, sound or images.  Everything communicates and helps building the bigger

It’s kinda cool – a cross between Google and Google’s similar link.   You’ve got to try spezify to appreciate it.

Then there’s  It’s a community based site that:

is an index of Music, Movies, Books, and Websites that is void of genres. Everything is indexed by what it is similar to. The community can tag any item as being similar to any other item to create a more useful index of entertainment media.

Find recommendations for new Music, Movies, Books, and Websites with the Tagomatic. Start by searching for something you already like and we’ll show you other items that might interest you.

And finally – one more for you –

It looks more like a site that’s for sale, but if you put a word or two in its search box, you’ll get a list of similar sites.

So next time you find yourself curious about what’s out there on the Web that’s like something you’re already fond of, try some of these digital tricks.  It will be easier than falling asleep standing up with your eyes open!


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