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Kim here…Brain State Technology is a brainwave optimization process developed by Lee Gerdes from his own desperate need. He had the misfortune of being assaulted by people with baseball bats, from which he developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For ten years he struggled with hypervigilance and feeling angry and none of the traditional or alternative treatments helped him. So, drawing on his background in computers, math, physics, psychology and theology, he developed his own treatment The computer program he designed could read his brain waves and used mathematics to imagine what his brain would look like if it was perfectly balanced from front to back and right to left. Then he “showed” his brain the balanced brain using sound waves and allowed his brain to heal itself. It appeared to work for him and he thought he might be on to something.

At the time he had a young adult son who had dropped out of college and was just kind of hanging out, playing video games. He tried the new protocol on his son, who got up from the couch and got on with his life. This was also a good sign for his invention, but because he’d paid his son to participate, he wasn’t the perfect research subject. So he tried it on the friends of his son and they too got up and got on with their lives. Somewhere in the research and design phase, he normalized the process on the brains of Tibetan monks, who’ve spent their lives meditating. These, he assumed, would be the premier balanced brains available on the planet.

Lee Gerdes has been doing this work professionally since 2001. This advanced form of neurofeedback has been used to help people with addictions, smoking cessation, PTSD, depression, anxiety, some physical illnesses, stuttering, anger and violence, weight loss, eating disorders, ADD/ADHD, sleep issues, panic attacks, brain injury, pain mitigation, dementia, learning disorders, and sports performance

He’s worked with veterans, victims of abuse or crime, alcoholics, drug addicts, people in prison, sex offenders, athletes and ordinary people with garden variety traumas accumulated over a life time.

The beauty of this technology is that you don’t have to spend years in therapy reliving everything that went wrong in your life. You don’t have to produce every single strand of affliction for review. You simply sit in a chair and listen to the sounds of a balanced brain and your brain, assisted by the technology, does the work. It removes all of  the trauma and it removes it permanently.

Of the almost 30,0000 people they have served, over 90% report having positive results from this non-invasive treatment. Many of them say it has changed their life.

Ever since I read his book, Limitless You, I have had a tremendous curiosity about this process. It seemed like something that could alleviate so much human suffering. I saw the possibility for its application everywhere I looked.  Yes, we could all learn to meditate and do it every day and maybe eventually bring our brains into balance, but if there’s a valid shortcut available, why would we not want to take it? If we all had balanced brains, we might even want to meditate every day and follow through with doing so.

You can visit their website to learn more.

Periodically they have interactive webinars where you can chat directly with Lee Gerdes. I once asked him on one of these webinars, “What is best part for you of doing this work?” He replied, “It makes me feel worthy of the gifts I’ve been given.” I was already smitten by the idea of Brain State Technology and totally sold by the goodness underlying its structure.

There’s a great video on their website right now where Lee Gerdes is being interviewed about the Tragedy in Tucson. The interviewers are trying to get him to say that the shooter was nuts. All he will say is that people who brains are sorely imbalanced will behave in peculiar ways. It leads me to believe that he thinks that no human being is beyond redemption and that if people’s brains were in balance they would not be interested in doing the terrible things they do. In his book, he said after using BST with sex offenders, he’s had to rethink his judgments about them, seeing their humanity return after their brains are balanced.

You can also click through on their website to articles in People Magazine about how Wynonna Judd used BST to overcome food issues and lose weight.

On their website, you can find a practioner near you so you can undergo this process yourself. It requires an assessment and usually about 10 sessions for ordinary person, more if you experienced a lot of trauma. Or you can become a practioner by purchasing the equipment and being trained in how to use it, if you’d like to set up your own shop. All of the computers of the franchisees (I know that’s not exactly the right word to use, but I can’t find a better one.) are hooked into the main computers, so they can keep studying and improving the process. It also assures you that if your brain trainer has any questions, they can connect directly with people who have more experience and get their questions answered. There are 140 BST offices in 17 countries around the world to date.

Echo Bodine, a Twin Cities psychic, went through the process and gave us a pretty complete picture of her experience in her blog.

I have started my own Brain State Technology process and so far the only things that have happened are that I got quite ill with cold-like symptoms that have lasted over a week and I don’t feel driven to drink coffee anymore. Stay tuned for updates


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