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My Dad Will be 100 in June!

Melanie here…

My Dad, Abraham Shenkman, will be 100 on June 23rd!   My friend Anne Moore was kind enough to allow me to contribute a story about my Dad in her new magazine, Ageless Success.  This is actually an excerpt of a 50+ page book of stories I’ve written about this amazing man who lives alone in New York and is still driving!

I have been collecting stories about Dad for some time and turning them into vignette contributions for my small book about him.  He in turn has enjoyed reading the .pdf file of the book that I uploaded onto his computer in New York with my program.  However, knowing that I have published several books, including my most recent Scrappy Startups, Dad keeps asking me when I’m going to publish his book so he can have the book in his hands!

I had determined that I would self-publish this one since I could control more of its content and distribution this way, as well as have a better fix on what date it would be out.   But frankly, I had been dragging my heels about getting the book published.  I had a goal of looking into some sites I had heard about such as,, and even investigate Hay House’s new self publishing arm. But all of this takes time, and I’ve been busy coaching clients, leading coaching programs and other aspects of my business and family life.

Then as often happens, a client mentioned that she heard from a friend who had happily self-published a book for about $25.00.  My ears perked since I thought this could be a solution for my book about Dad.  I asked her to give me the name of this company and she returned not long after that with the name of  I was surprised I hadn’t heard of it.

I checked it out and also found it listed on an entry of the top 10 self-publishing sites.  This link did save me some time since it lined up many of the companies I had planned on reviewing in one place and allowed me to watch some video right there and then about each site.

Well the short of it is that I downloaded blurb’s software called booksmart onto my PC and copy and pasted content from my document into their program.  My first attempt created some funky font sizes and hanging pages, but after converting my original document into a text document and uploaded that to booksmart, along with photos of my father, I think I have something – I’m cooking!

I have the choice of making the book a hard cover or a soft cover, but I think for this occasion of his 100th birthday, I’ll go with the hard cover version as a true gift to my father.  I can’t wait until Dad gets the book in his hands – and neither can he!


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