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Although I am not much of a cook, there are a few things in our kitchen that I’m not sure how I would live without. One of these essentials is the salad spinner, the function of which is to take freshly washed, dripping wet salad greens and using centrifugal force, spin them dry. I am also partial to my 1970s yellow Tupperware strainer but I will extol its virtues another time. Today I want to talk about the salad spinner. It is dear to my heart, not only because it prevents soggy salads, but also because it feels familiar. Life seems to be spinning really fast lately and I was comforted by the online video, 2011: Year of Illumination, because it concurs with my version of reality. I am not some kind of fatalist nut who is stock piling canned goods in my basement for the end of the world in 2012, but it does feel to me like things are changing rapidly. I don’t claim to know exactly what these things are but it is my fondest hope that the changes coming are positive ones. The current state of the world is not that appealing in many regards and I want to believe that we are speeding up in order to be wrung out of our dysfunctions, that our ill-conceived systems might be broken down and that we can let go of ways of being that no longer serve us. It feels to me like we are along for the ride, not in the way of being hapless victims but on the way to claiming our power as the creative beings we truly are.

2011: Year of Illumination video

I came across this video by way of another video that was emailed to me. (Thank  you, Lorraine.)

Dear Women, a video of conscious men apologizing to women
I have always appreciated the work of Gay Hendricks and his partner, Kathlyn and this is no exception. As a feminist, I have been waiting a long time to hear men say things like this. It is a powerful tool for healing. This video led me to
There’s lots of good stuff on their website. 
And it led me to this:
I thought I was just sitting down to quickly check my email, but I felt the pull of the Universal Salad Spinner and I chose to meander through these beautiful videos with their heartfelt messages. Although it was not how I intended to spend my time this morning, I feel spun around in a good way and richer and more grounded for the ride.

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