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Do you ever play the game, “If you could have any super-power, which one would you choose?” and then you try to figure out which superpower is THE power – the one that actually contains all of the other super powers, so by choosing that one, you’d actually be choosing them all? I used to kind of want to be that stretchy guy or maybe be invisible but after reading Ram Dass’ recent book, Be Love Now, I’m kinda thinking that LOVE might be the ultimate super power. Not romantic love, like on The Bachelor, but universal love – love that comes from something greater than us, yet is factory installed and available inside of each one of us, unless we’ve misplaced it, like Haddaway in the 1990s dance track, What Is Love?

Ram Dass describes love this way:

“Most emotions like fear, anger, lust, and envy are connected to our personality and the impulses from our conscious or unconscious mind, instincts for survival and procreation. Love is part of the emotional spectrum, but it is different because it emanates from our soul. Even when it becomes confused with our ego projections, love is actually from the higher essence of our being, the part that begins to merge with the spirit and approach the One.” (p. 13)

“Love is actually a state of being, and a divine state at that, the state to which we all yearn to return. The outer love object stimulates a feeling of love, but the love is inside us. We interpret it as coming from outside us, so we want to possess love, and we reach outside for something that is already inside us.” (p. 15)

So if love is all that, could it even be superpowerful enough to make us lose weight? This has been on my mind lately following a hibernatey, couch potato-y winter.Yes, indeed. In fact, love is the only thing that will ever help us permanently lose weight, so says Marianne Williamson, in the book she wrote for Oprah, A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever.

How about this for a weight loss prayer/affirmation? (And yes, she does use the word, “God,” so if that rankles, this might not be book for you, or else be prepared to translate it into a word you prefer each time it comes up. I heard Williamson comment that she doesn’t know why it bothers some people if she uses a masculine form of God sometimes. She said that no one ever complains when someone says Mother Nature.) Anyway, here’s her prayer:

Dear God, please feed my hunger and restore my right mind.

Williamson suggests writing this 30 times in the morning and 30 times at night for three days, as a way of surrendering your old conditioning around weight and food. She claims the only power great enough to overcome addictions is an intelligence outside of ourselves, to which we are connected. I know it certainly seems that way when I feel like eating a bag of potato chips, like it would take Divine Intervention to change my mind.

This is obviously not a diet and exercise book, although if you do the work it suggests, it will likely lead you willingly there. It is a book about awareness and choosing a more suitable motivator than the fear that we won’t look good in our swimming suits. It is a program for retraining our consciousness about how we think about ourselves and how our weight will naturally fall in line as we allow something greater to work through us and begin to express who we really are in the world. And that is the stuff of superpowers.


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