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Melanie here…

A friend of mine was heading off to a three-week trip to Europe, armed with her Kindle.  When I asked her if she had also loaded up her iphone for the trip, she said she didn’t much listen to music.  I told her that there was a world of informative podcasts awaiting her that could keep her entertained  and educated when she wasn’t in a position to read.  She was all ears about what I would suggest and asked me to make a list of my favorite podcasts for her.  Here’s what I emailed her:

Hi Marcia!

Wanted to tell you my favorite podcasts and a way you can find them and get them on your iphone for traveling.  I have great memories of listening while we were in Greece.  You may want to purchase a backup battery charger so that your iphone doesn’t deplete from listening to it a lot.
Anyway – here’s what you do:
(I’m assuming you have itunes already on your computer.  If not, download the free interface at  Once downloaded, you can follow the rest of my instructions.)
Click on itunes and go into the itunes store.  Search for these podcasts and subscribe to them.  They will automatically download onto your phone.  Then when you hook your phone up, just click synchronize so that the podcasts will transfer over:
  • Henry Grayson (he can be a bit talkative, but I like his guests. 
  • A New Earth After Show – I don’t know if this is still available, but When Oprah was interviewing Eckhart Tolle, these were the dialogues after the show
  • On Being (Krista Tippitt used to call this Speaking of Faith – it’s a great show and you’ll enjoy it!
  • Peace Talks Radio – a client of mine turned me onto this – great interviews
  • Sounds True:  Insights at the Edge – Tami Simon of Sounds True whom I interviewed for my book does a great interview – and you’ll love her guests
  • Tara Brach – she’s my husband’s favorite – she is a Buddhist/psychologist – tells great stories
  • Theatre of the Mind – Kelly Howell has great guests 
  • Ted Talks – you can choose audio or video – incredible presentations
  • Rick Steves – he’s a travel commentator and you may enjoy his videos of Europe – may give you some ideas
Hope that’s enough for you!
Let me know if you need more help getting these – they are all free!
Of course with her iphone and an itunes interface, Marcia has easy access to these podcasts and much more.  For your access, I’ve also included a link to each of these podcasts’ Web page so you can listen or download there if you don’t have itunes on your computer.
If you do have itunes, you can also enjoy myriads of learning through itunes u, where colleges and universities such as MIT and Stanford offer up free lectures on anything from entrepreneurism to art to language study.  Must send Marcia an email and see if she’s ready for more ideas!

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