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Kim here.

Whew. The vegetable garden is planted. It took me the better part of the week, because before sowing my seeds, I had to remove and transplant the daisies that had taken over the garden, while I was waiting for it to be warm enough and dry enough to plant. This is pretty much an annual event. I live in a hardiness zone 3 area, where the growing season is only about 102 days long, so I resent having to take the time to move the daisies before I can plant the garden, but Midwesterner that I am, I don’t have the heart to just throw them out either.

I read an article once by a Native American person who thought the whole idea of gardening was absurd. He said that plants grow where the Creator put them and we should learn to understand and appreciate what grows near us naturally.

Maybe there’s something about the humble daisy that is important for me to be aware of. Or maybe there’s something in it that transforms my soil. Or my mood. Or maybe the cure for some disease is in that plant, just waiting for me to comprehend its use.

Maybe I’m really supposed to be a daisy farmer, yet year after year, I indignantly yank them out and move them somewhere else. Actually, I AM sort of a daisy farmer because after many years of this behavior, I now have daisies all over the place.

I wonder where else in my life I am resentfully transplanting my raw materials and overlooking my true calling in life. What keeps creeping back that I tolerate, but don’t completely embrace? Or can enjoy one aspect of, but don’t conceive of it as taking center stage?

If you are wondering what might be calling you, go to Gregg Levoy’s resource-rich website.

Along with his own book Callings: Finding and Following an Authenic Life, he includes other suggestions for recommended reading, callings poetry, callings music and callings movies. I wonder if any of those movies are about a daisy farmer.


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