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My Dad Will be 100 in June!

Melanie here…

My Dad, Abraham Shenkman, will be 100 on June 23rd!   My friend Anne Moore was kind enough to allow me to contribute a story about my Dad in her new magazine, Ageless Success.  This is actually an excerpt of a 50+ page book of stories I’ve written about this amazing man who lives alone in New York and is still driving!

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Distraction City!

Melanie here…

I saw this youtube video posted on a friend’s Facebook page and I just had to share it with you!  It truly describes my state of mind some times and with all the distractions available to us today, I suspect you are fighting this battle as well!  They say that what we put our attention on grows – well I’m thinking more distractions lead to more distractions!  What do you think?


One Thing Leads to Another

Melanie here… 

I thought I was going to write about Healthy Money Summit that the Shift Network was putting on this last week, but I haven’t finished listening to the audio collection from the week-long collection of speakers, so I found that another event that came across my radar screen was more worthy of my sharing.

My friend Kathy has an interesting job in the outskirts of San Francisco, working as a manager of a unique cemetery.  It’s a cemetery that was featured briefly in the television show Six Foot Under when one of the main characters was buried under a tree, simply in a shroud.

Dreams Do Come True!

Melanie here.
CBS Sunday Morning told the tale recently of a  38-year-old Simone Dinnerstein who always had aspired to being a concert pianist, playing at Carnegie Hall.  Her mother, Renee, interviewed on this same program, feared Simone was in for a life of disappointment.  After all, her child didn’t have piano lessons until she was seven, late by classical music standards.  She feared her daughter would not be able to compete in such rarefied world.

Yet, what inspired the younger Ms. Dinnerstein at 13, was hearing a recording of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” performed by legendary pianist Glenn Gould.
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Turning Digital Tricks

Melanie here.
My mother said that under three I used to fall asleep standing up with my eyes open so I wouldn’t  miss anything.  Quite a feat.  Wish I could do that today!  There’s so much out there in the world not to miss, especially in the virtual world.  How can I find it all and keep it straight? 

Like Kim, I’m a glutton, but in my case, it’s a glutton for information.  If I find a good Web site or some great information, I want to know where I can get more of it.  One Web site doesn’t satisfy me.  I want to know where more of that can be found.

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Savvy Web Traveling with Melanie

Melanie here…
Fortunately, I’m computer rich.  I have three laptop/portable computers I use regularly, all with their special functions.  I remember years ago – not that many – how I thought my friend Martha was indulgent because she had two computers – in those days, I thought one computer was all anyone needed  But today, I have three – actually four since I’m about to retire my two year old HP PC, but I won’t count that one since I’m probably going to sell it.
My new Windows 7 PC functions as my business computer while my Mac works as my leisure computer.  A coaching client gifted me with my netbook, which I primarily use when I’m on my treadmill, streaming Netflix over the Internet as the computer rests neatly on the equipment’s book shelf. 

Over the holidays, however, I brought my netbook with me while I was traveling.  By downloading a free program or two,  (logmein and teamviewer) I’m able to access my PC at home from my netbook wherever I happen to be.

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Aggregating Everything

Melanie Says:
Today Kim and I took a look at what we were doing  together on this blog and we decided that we are choosing to become an aggregator of all things creative, conscious, sustainable and more.  We hope to offer on this blog what Plenty of Fish is to the dating world (an aggregator of links to all the other dating sites) and the Huffington Post is to the political world. 

Quite ambitious, wouldn’t you say?  But for two women interested in everything – true Renaissance Souls, we’re hoping we can pull this off.  I’ve been yearning for a site I could go to where I could find all the good stuff.  That I wouldn’t have to piecemeal stuff together.  All the positive, uplifting, growthful stuff would be mentioned and found in this one location.  It’s high time – wouldn’t you say?

I’m imagining a future where you our dear reader and audience will be pointing stuff out to us so we can share it with everyone else.  After all – it’s important to put our attention on what grows us.