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Distraction City!

Melanie here…

I saw this youtube video posted on a friend’s Facebook page and I just had to share it with you!  It truly describes my state of mind some times and with all the distractions available to us today, I suspect you are fighting this battle as well!  They say that what we put our attention on grows – well I’m thinking more distractions lead to more distractions!  What do you think?



Brain State Technology

Kim here…Brain State Technology is a brainwave optimization process developed by Lee Gerdes from his own desperate need. He had the misfortune of being assaulted by people with baseball bats, from which he developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For ten years he struggled with hypervigilance and feeling angry and none of the traditional or alternative treatments helped him. So, drawing on his background in computers, math, physics, psychology and theology, he developed his own treatment The computer program he designed could read his brain waves and used mathematics to imagine what his brain would look like if it was perfectly balanced from front to back and right to left. Then he “showed” his brain the balanced brain using sound waves and allowed his brain to heal itself. It appeared to work for him and he thought he might be on to something. Read the rest of this entry

One Thing Leads to Another

Melanie here… 

I thought I was going to write about Healthy Money Summit that the Shift Network was putting on this last week, but I haven’t finished listening to the audio collection from the week-long collection of speakers, so I found that another event that came across my radar screen was more worthy of my sharing.

My friend Kathy has an interesting job in the outskirts of San Francisco, working as a manager of a unique cemetery.  It’s a cemetery that was featured briefly in the television show Six Foot Under when one of the main characters was buried under a tree, simply in a shroud.

Sick of TV

Kim here. 

I am sick. Not some terrible need-an-emergency-room kind of sick, but sick enough to stay in my pajamas for 3 days. I did what people who are sick do. I laid in bed and flipped through the channels. I wonder if I would have recovered faster if I hadn’t observed so many commercials where the mucous family moves into someone’s sinuses. I do think that little commercial where Drew Brees rolls over in bed and conks out as they say,  “Cold symptoms tackled, quarterback sacked,” is clever. It’s short. It’s to the point. You get the message. Read the rest of this entry

Dreams Do Come True!

Melanie here.
CBS Sunday Morning told the tale recently of a  38-year-old Simone Dinnerstein who always had aspired to being a concert pianist, playing at Carnegie Hall.  Her mother, Renee, interviewed on this same program, feared Simone was in for a life of disappointment.  After all, her child didn’t have piano lessons until she was seven, late by classical music standards.  She feared her daughter would not be able to compete in such rarefied world.

Yet, what inspired the younger Ms. Dinnerstein at 13, was hearing a recording of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” performed by legendary pianist Glenn Gould.
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Popes, Belly Laughs and Imagination

Kim here.
I was listening to the audiobook version of The Grand Design by the brilliant Stephen Hawking in my car. Every once in a while I get an urge to know more about quantum physics. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often, because pretty much every time, it goes right over my head. Even though Hawking made this accessible for ordinary people, my brain is not really wired for science. I did and appreciate the color illustrations in the book form. 

And this story from Chapter 2, which is about the history of scientific theories, struck me funny:

“In 1277 Bishop Tempier of Paris, acting on the instructions of Pope John XXI, published a list of 219 errors or heresies that were to be condemned. Among the heresies was the idea that nature follows laws, because this conflicts with God’s omnipotence. Interestingly, Pope John was killed by the effects of the law of gravity a few months later when the roof of his palace fell in on him.”

I don’t know exactly why, but this made me laugh so hard, I had to pull over to the side of the road. If they had had Saturday Night Live back in 1277, for sure this would have prompted a comedy sketch. Read the rest of this entry

Turning Digital Tricks

Melanie here.
My mother said that under three I used to fall asleep standing up with my eyes open so I wouldn’t  miss anything.  Quite a feat.  Wish I could do that today!  There’s so much out there in the world not to miss, especially in the virtual world.  How can I find it all and keep it straight? 

Like Kim, I’m a glutton, but in my case, it’s a glutton for information.  If I find a good Web site or some great information, I want to know where I can get more of it.  One Web site doesn’t satisfy me.  I want to know where more of that can be found.

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